Two of the five hottest German Startups are coparion portfolio companies


When you hear underground techno clubs with permissive raves and more museums than rainy days per year, there is only one city that comes to mind: Berlin. Aside from the eccentric party driven artist’s haven its known to be, Berlin is also the birthplace of one of Europe’s first tech hubs. Just last year Germany’s startups collected a record €4.6 billion in investments with Berlin-based scale-ups alone responsible for €2.64 billion of the intake.

At the same time, we’re now seeing other major German cities catching up faster than anyone could have imagined. During 2018 Munich increased its investment volume by 97 percent bringing in €802 million. Meanwhile, Hamburg increased investments by 138 percent reaching €548 million. There’s a fierce competition going on to be Germany’s next tech capital and the result has been the growth of some of the coolest startups on the market.…