VEHICULUM grabs €7M funding: 5 interesting aspects about the auto leasing German startup


Germany-based VEHICULUM has developed a new car leasing marketplace with more than 100,000 registered customers. In a recent development, this startup has raised €7 million fundingled by US-based Runa Capital with Russian roots.

VEHICULUM was founded in 2015 by Melchior Bauer, Lukas Steinhilber and Guy Moller in Berlin, Germany. Prior to the recent round of funding, the startup raised €200k seed funding from Oskar Hartmann, Coparion, SchneiderGolling in 2017.

The company aims to use this fund to open its platform to private customers. As of now, it is only available for business customers. The company also plans to adjust its offering to suit the realities that exist in the mobility industry.

Here are some interesting aspects you need to know about this recently funded Berlin-based startup.…